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A Brief Introduction to Percutaneous Hydrodiscectomy

Dr Brian Klagges, MD

Dr. Brian Klagges has worked as an anesthesiologist at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire, since 2007. During his time at the hospital, Dr. Brian Klagges became the first medical professional in the state to perform a percutaneous hydrodiscectomy.

Hydrodiscectomy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that uses high-speed water streams to address nerve pressure caused by herniated disc tissue. Doctors use the water stream to remove the affected tissue. Successful hydrodiscectomy can greatly mitigate chronic back and leg pain.
For qualified patients, hydrodiscectomy is a viable alternative to major spinal cord surgery. The advantages of hydrodiscectomy compared to more invasive procedures include a significantly shorter rehabilitation process and the lack of scars that result from deep surgical incisions.
As an outpatient procedure, hydrodiscectomy candidates are able to return home and resume normal activities in a relatively short time. People with back or leg pain caused by herniated disc tissue should consult a trusted medical professional to discuss hydrodiscectomy as a workable solution.

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